Inflammation of nervous tissues across the brain and spine are linked to the progression of multiple neuro-degenerative diseases. However, the study of this complex immune response and treatment of the pathologies it can cause remains a challenge for science. This collection brings together some of the latest advances in the field of neuroinflammation, highlighting new methods to discover the mechanisms regulating this response, and the ways in which they might be targeted for therapeutic benefit. 

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In situ immune response and mechanisms of cell damage in central nervous system of fatal cases microcephaly by Zika virus

Azevedo, et al.

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5-Fluorouracil Induces Enteric Neuron Death and Glial Activation During Intestinal Mucositis via a S100B-RAGE-NFκB-Dependent Pathway

Costa, et al.

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Selenium nanoparticles for targeted stroke therapy through modulation of inflammatory and metabolic signaling

Amani, et al.

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A Small Compound Targeting Prohibitin with Potential Interest for Cognitive Deficit Rescue in Aging mice and Tau Pathology Treatment

Guyot, et al.

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