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An inspiring look at the future

More than 300 Chief Editors, political, business and other science leaders – including bestseller Factfulness contributor Anna Rosling, Harvard’s David Sinclair and the World Economic Forum’s Stephan Mergenthaler – will gather at this year’s Frontiers Forum. From 10-12 May in Montreux, Switzerland, participants will discuss cutting-edge developments powering our world of tomorrow: in virtual reality, metagenomics, space travel and more. 

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Squid proteins are an eco-friendly alternative to plastics

Self-healing fabric, abrasion-resistant coatings and precision drug delivery are among the applications of squid ‘ring tooth’ protein.

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Climate-friendly labriculture depends on an energy revolution 

Modelling of emissions from lab-grown vs. farm-raised beef suggests increased CO2 could outweigh benefits of reducing methane.

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UK prejudice against immigrants amongst lowest in Europe

In the UK and other rich EU nations, around 15% of people would object to having immigrants as neighbors.

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Blindfolded training could help doctors save young lives

Doctors’ leadership in pediatric resuscitation improved most when they wore a blindfold during simulation training.

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Contraceptive pills could impair recognition of complex emotions 

Healthy women who use birth control pills are poorer judges of subtle facial expressions than non-users, which could affect relationships.

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Antarctic researchers enter a state of ‘psychological hibernation’

Researchers experiencing the dark and lonely Antarctic winter abandon even passive coping mechanisms like denial and depression.

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Language acquisition, precision oncology, lignin-based fuel, and many more!

Check out the latest Frontiers eBooks, available in EPUB and PDF. 

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Beyond antimicrobials: new weapons against multidrug-resistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is an ever-growing public health concern. This Research Topic explores the use of stool transplants, phytochemicals and even viruses to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, as well as the development of therapies that disarm these bacteria rather than inhibit their growth. 

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Frontiers offers feedback on Plan S implementation

Frontiers has responded to the call for public feedback on Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S, published by cOAlition S in November 2018. Plan S requires that, from 2020, scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants must be published in compliant Open Access journals or platforms.

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